Business Opportunities

Why choose Tornado Twisters?


We have several business solutions to suit your financial obligations and to get you started as quickly as begin generating return on your investment. Our turn-key options start at RXXX for a basic set-up . Low overheads means more profit to the bottom line!

Ease of Access

Our equipment options are available in both gas and electric cooking solutions. This allows for ease of access depending on the locations; fire & safety regulations.


Our awesome product markets itself and is enjoyed by all age groups across South Africa.. Our bright colourful branding is easily noticeable at sporting events, beaches, shopping malls and outdoor markets to name a few.


Our tried and tested equipment results in a quality product with a constant output

Online Shopping

Our online shopping allows you to order equipment and consumables 24/7 as you need for business continuation.

Join us if you are/have…

  • An enthusiastic self starter
  • Hard working and committed
  • Basic business understanding
  • Reliable and trustworthy
  • Drive and passion to grow your business
  • Friendly and outgoing

Business options

Tabletop Set-Up

  • 1 tabletop double fryer
  • 1 Twister slicing machine
  • 6 seasoning trays


  • 2 double fryers
  • 2 Twister slicing machines
  • 12 seasoning trays


  • 2 tabletop fryers
  • 2 Twister slicing machine
  • 12 seasoning trays

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